Current Market Conditions


  • Celery is remaining very high. The outlook is for pricing to remain high until the end of May. Most crops were lost and the cycle of new crops will be harvested at that time.

  • Red B potatoes are higher as it’s time to switch to new crop Florida potatoes. Storage crops are available for less money however the quality is an issue.

  • Driscoll strawberries are much higher however you sacrifice the quality with the independent labels

  • Limes are slightly higher due to the lack of supply chain with the issues at the Mexican border.


For your convenience we stock:

Fry Oil, Fruit Purees, French Fries, Full Line Of Spices, Olives, 5 Gallon Pickle Chips, Spears and Crinkle, Full Line Of Dairy including  Butter, Milk, Eggs,  Shredded, Domestic and Imported Cheese. Dried Fruits and Nuts, Charcuterie, Rices and Grains.



Asparagus: Market is steady. Product now available in both 11 and 28 LB cases. Mexico still available, California beginning to ship.

Broccoli: Pricing is starting to level off.

Carrots: Wide range on pricing and quality. Canadian storage is done, new crop Israeli and Mexico available at higher prices.

Celery: Extremely expensive with short supplies.

Cauliflower: Pricing slightly up.

Cucumbers: Market steady

Eggplant: Market steady

Lettuces: Market steady

Onions: Prices seem to leveling off as new crops have started and some supplies of storage are still available.

Imported Red and Yellow Peppers: Slight increase this week

Green Peppers: Prices are much lower as new areas have started harvesting.

Summer Squash and Zucchini: Both slightly up

Potatoes- Idaho counts Prices remaining steady however larger counts are more expensive.

Red Potatoes, wide range on pricing depending on origin, supplies out of storage from Canada and the Mid-West however starting to show age. Florida new crop is the best bet.


Fruits & Citrus

Avocados: Prices remaining firm, with overall light supplies and Cinco de Mayo coming up, we expect to see an increase.

Blackberries and Raspberries: Both steady this week.

Blueberries: All imports now, prices slightly less this week.

Cantaloupes: Small increase this week

Grapes: All imported supplies, red remaining steady, green are higher.

Honeydew Melons: Normal pricing levels.

Lemons: Break in springtime weather will create greater demand, driving prices up.

Limes: Slightly higher due to the lack of supply chain with the issues at the Mexican border.

Oranges: California Navels are shipping, larger sizes are more expensive.

Pineapple: Lighter supplies this week with the Easter holiday, resulting in higher prices.

Strawberries: Prices steady this week, less demand after the holiday should keep prices down. Wide range of prices between independent labels and Driscoll.