Current Market Conditions


  • Count Idaho Potatoes starting to firm up as we approach the last days of storage.

  • Industry wide product is up this week due to heat through out the country.

  • Avocados extremely expensive. Short supplies out of Mexico until the Flora Loca crop starts. Price above $100 Mark.

  • Iceberg went even higher this week as California is still light on supply and Canada had heavy rain fall all throughout last week.

  • Onions remain high from California.

  • Red potatoes are seeing a two tier market, supplies from east coast are fair while west coast has much better quality but also showing a much higher price.

  • Celery is finally back to normal with much lower prices.


For your convenience we stock:

Fry Oil, Fruit Purees, French Fries, Full Line Of Spices, Olives, 5 Gallon Pickle Chips, Spears and Crinkle, Full Line Of Dairy including  Butter, Milk, Eggs,  Shredded, Domestic and Imported Cheese. Dried Fruits and Nuts, Charcuterie, Rices and Grains.



Asparagus: Prices are up as Canada is done, the best product is now coming from Peru. Two Tier market has some fair quality, Mexican product is still available.

Broccoli: Wide range of pricing, overall reasonable as Canada is starting to ship.

Carrots: Prices Higher this week as volume of product available is imported.

Celery: Celery finally had a big drop this week.

Cauliflower: Slight increase this week as heat is still a major issue in California, plantings are light as West Coast shippers compete with East coast growers.

Eggplant: No change.

Lettuces: Expensive with quality issues due to heat and rain in the South.

Onions: Prices remaining high week due to heat in California, every shipper has different quality causing a two tier market.

Imported Red and Yellow Peppers: Pricing peaked last week, this week brings slightly lower prices.

Green Peppers: Pricing is up due to heat and rain and lack of import.

Summer Squash and Zucchini: Wide range of pricing in squash as product is available from several shipping points.

Cucumbers: Pricing is up due to heat and rain and lack of import.

Potatoes- Idaho counts Counts higher as storage crops wind down.

Red Potatoes: Two tier market, better quality from the West, but expensive.

Yukon Potatoes: Done from Canada now from Idaho, higher than Canadian product.

Chef Potatoes: Done from Canada now from Idaho, higher that Canadian product.

Snipped Green Beans: Supplies are getting back to normal which brings a little relief to price.

Brussels Sprouts: Starting to see some relief, prices are lower this week.


Fruits & Citrus

Avocados: Extremely expensive with short supplies out of Mexico.

Blackberries and Raspberries: Both in better supply this week.

Blueberries: Prices jumping around depending on shipping point. Heat in NJ is making this years crop fair.

Cantaloupes: Small increase this week.

Grapes: Prices are down and quality is much improved as new crop has begun.

Honeydew Melons: Small increase this week.

Lemons: Prices will start to increase based on summer demand, prices will start to rise on western product. More imports are becoming available this year.

Limes: Starting to see an increase this week and seeing the affects of rain on the fruit.

Oranges: California Valencias slightly higher in mostly due to freight, imported Navels av

Pineapple: Prices are remaining a bit firm this week.

Strawberries: Supplies seem to bet getting better along with prices this week. As always there is a two tier market between Driscoll and independent labels.