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Baby Brussel Spouts

Abundant supplies of Baby Brussel Sprouts.



We have teamed with the best local producer of smoked meats. Crafting their trade for the past 60 years. We carry a full line of Prosciutto, Sopressata, Salame, Capocolla, Pancetta, Chorizo, and Paninos. 


Cape White Turnip

For those that wait all year for the Cape White (or Eastham) Turnip, great news, they are here!! “Sweeter and tastier than any other turnip on the planet”!

Carnival Cauliflower.jpg

Carnival Cauliflower

Add color to any dish with Orange, Purple and Green Cauliflower, mixed in some of our beautiful “Snow White” cauliflower to add extra pizzazz!


Wild Wonder Tomatoes

Tomato artistry from around the world culminates in this delightful array of colors, shapes and flavors to die for. Once you try them all, you will never see or taste tomatoes the same way again. You might even become a tomato aficionado.


Avocado Oil

"Bag in a Box", one liter. Very versatile , can be used in place of olive oil and has a nice flavor , make dressings , aiolis , etc.



Narragansett Creamery Fresh Sliced Mozzarella

Why waste time slicing that Ovaline for the Caprese, when you can buy our pre-sliced, fresh mozzarella. Each package contains 16 pre-sliced, pre-portioned medallions of fresh, local mozzarella cheese...


Finishing Glazes

Finish it off with our full line of finishing glazes. Choose from our most popular Balsamic or try our other varieties including; Blood Orange, Fig, Ginger, Lemongrass, Tamari, Truffle, Porcini, Pomegranite, Yuzu, and Truffle glazes. Each variety guarantees that missing flavor from your creation.